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I help clients maximize productivity. Sometimes we need to work on time management. Often there’s something deeper that we need to get unstuck to help to maximize your potential.

Tom came to me hoping to learn how to be more efficient. He had too many tasks to complete and wanted to find an extra hour in the day. He was terribly worried about not getting promoted, even though he was meeting deadlines and getting praise for his work. We worked through the short-term overwhelming pile of deadlines by prioritizing, saying no to optional activities, and working on putting full energy only into the most meaningful activities. 

Six months later, his plate was overflowing again. His struggle was not time management. With further unraveling of the questions, we found that Tom found comfort in taking on too much. He still believed that his worth was only measured by the amount of work that he was completing and the extent that he could show others that he was busy. 

I talked with Tom about the need to move beneath organization and time management to addressing underlying fears and his inner critics. He would need to slow down to move beneath his head into his heart and gut to understand why he had a block in finding worth from within and did not believe that purpose alone was enough. Tom had deeper work to do on making peace with a deep trauma from his past that was making him suffer. He would always feel exhausted and overworked until he could find that deeper sense of purpose from within.