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Stephanie S., Bloomington, In

I have known Dana for almost a decade. She coached me through the academic tenure process. She is a phenomenal person, scholar and coach! She is a leader in the field on student voice and youth leadership which she applies easily to her work in coaching. She has many tools to help people succeed in negotiating tenure or any complicated part of life. On top of that, she is dependable, fun, and wicked smart!

Connie K, New Bern, nc

Dana Mitra brings a host of skills to the coaching session. She helped me gain great clarity through her masterful use of powerful questions. She created such a safe, confidential space that I was able to “go deep” into the issue and really examine and remove the barriers that were holding me back. She is compassionate and supportive–yet strong enough to hold me accountable. Dana Mitra is truly a Master Coach!