I coach faculty on improving productivity, getting published, getting tenure. The peer reviewer process can be confusing and demoralizing. As an editor of two journals, I have experience both as an editor, and as a scholar.  

I have been a teacher and coach of professional writing for 20 years. Often people come to me thinking their task is about writing better, but our work is really about working with our inner critic. That naysayer who might sit on a clients shoulder during the writing process, saying that the work is not good enough.

Other times we need to get into the guts of the writing so that I can coach on how to write clearly and impactfully. I work with my clients on developing a clear message to communicate purpose and intention. Sometimes this means opening a google doc virtually and going line by line to get the product just right.

I also work with accountability and meeting deadlines. I coach on finding inspiration, prioritizing workload, setting goals, and developing productive work habits to meet deadlines and to thrive.

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