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I offer a complimentary first session to all prospective new clients. The initial session is 30 minutes long to learn about your needs and to discuss how coaching might be fit for you. Email me at dana@danamitra.net .


A session lasts 45 minutes, usually every two weeks. While you should plan for 45 minutes for our coaching time, please block out an hour on your schedule to have 5-10 minutes before and after the session.

I ask clients to initially commit to 3 months to take the time for transformation, and then clients chose whether to continue beyond that initial commitment.


I coach by phone so it doesn’t matter where you are in the world. Clients find what space best suits your ability to focus on the call—sitting by a favorite window, locking your office door and turning out your lights, sitting in your car, sitting on your front porch. You decide.

Coaching over the phone is more time efficient, provides a sense of anonymity and is consistent regardless of your travel schedule, or where you reside. I specialize in listening to not only what it is you are saying, but to your whole message: what is between and around your words as well. This benefits you by increasing the productivity of our calls. On top of that, there is no travel time for you, nor is there the usual extra conversation that accompanies face-to-face interaction. It is a confidential, streamlined, get-down-to-business model.


I accept check, credit cards, and Veno.  Payment is due at or before each session.  If you are mailing me a check please send it to the address on the invoice I email you.


We’ll start by checking in on what’s been going on for you since we last spoke and where you are now. I’ll ask you for a topic – it’s important for us to set an agenda each session so we know what we’re going to explore. Every session is different but the goal is always to gain clarity, achieve resonance and plan action around the topic you’ve brought to the session. As we continue in our coaching relationship you will learn specific tools that you can take with you to use in real-time as you live your life.

All coaching conversations are completely confidential.


I recommend taking five minutes to focus on your upcoming work. Take a breath, grab a drink, review what we will be discussion before hand. Afterward, take 5 to 10 minutes to review your homework for the next session, to reflect on your main “a-ha moments” and to make plans for how to integrate this information into your upcoming days.


I offer individual and corporate rates for individual coaching.

Some companies and universities pay for life coaching as a part of professional development and leadership training. Check with your supervisor or human resources department to ask if your employer will enable you to be the best you can be with life coaching. Corporate rates for ongoing coaching are available upon request and include additional services.