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My experiences as a career coach build on my teaching professional development for over 15 years. I work with clients on all aspects of the career change process.

Career coaching with me will begin with intention setting–is a change in careers needed to find greater well-being? a clearer purpose? greater balance? We work on identifying ideal qualities of a career and how it fits within a broader life vision.

As a career coach, I work on the nuts and bolts of career success including

*Resume design -I offer editing and feedback to articulate the best version of your skill set to your target opportunites

*Networking and job hunt strategies–I give you concrete homework assignments to identify and build your network step by step

*Interview skills and elevator pitches–I practice job talks, interviews, and informal networking skills with my clients.

*Salary negotiation and interviewing potential jobs–Many clients hire me strictly as a career coach for salary negotiation–how to get as much as you can out of your opportunity from day one