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 I focus one strand of my practice on working with female faculty who are becoming leaders in the academy. Through my work, I work with women to ask powerful questions, and to encourage change initiatives aimed at helping people align their core values with the difficult work of growth. I also have worked to develop resources for women to lead teams and design businesses that align with their purpose and integrity. I work one-on-one, with group and organizations, and through workshops and speaking opportunities to spark transformation.

I  works with clients to strengthen communication, conflict resolution and build trust with colleagues. We consider  how to redesign structures and goals to address inequity, to improve outcomes and to simplify and strengthen the vision of the organization. When needed, I help clients to restore work/life balance.

My research as a faculty member aligns with my work as a coach. For over 20 years I have examined ways that people can “make a difference”, with a focus on how civic engagement and student voice prepare young people across the globe for a lifetime of leadership and service—including conducting and presenting research in India, Sweden, Scotland, and Australia.

My forthcoming book, The Empowered Professor: Breaking the Unspoken Codes of Inequity in Academia (Teachers College Press, Columbia University), applies the leadership framework that I have designed empirically to look at university leadership through a coaching lens. It focuses on ways that leaders can improve equity by redesigning policies and shifting leadership emphases to improve faculty and student well-being.

Contact me to learn more–dana@danamitra.net


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