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Feeling Stuck? Seven Strategies to Get Back on Track

When we feel lost in our lives, it’s time to intentionally seek out our purpose again. Identifying into our values can help us to bridge back to purpose. Keeping anchored to values creates a scaffolding in which we can move beyond smaller ups and downs of a career, a relationship, a passion. It helps us to keep focused on a longer-term vision. Without values it is more possible to slip into dismay, disenchantment, aimlessness, and cynicism.


I worked with Dana after experiencing an exceptionally challenging professional conflict. With a balance of compassion and bad-assery, Dana helped me get back on my feet. Ultimately, her coaching enabled me to shift a difficult experience into a powerful opportunity for learning and growth. With her help, I redefined my professional goals and values, and am now in my dream position. I could not more highly recommend her to academics and professionals looking for a thoughtful, funny, and effective coach.

Daniella H., Chicago

Working with Dana enabled me to grow both personally and professionally. She provided me with a space for reflection and actionable strategies to reach my goals. Her experience and expertise was invaluable to my professional development.

Erica A., Montclair, NJ

I worked with Dana during a time when my dental practice was going through significant transition. I was struggling to find time for my family and me. Dana helped me recenter, reground and reprioritize. She offered a judgment-free zone and kept me loyal to finding time to reflect and breathe. I am grateful for the time I spent with Dana. I continue to carry her guidance with me.

Diane R., State College, PA

I have known Dana for almost a decade. She coached me through the academic tenure process. She is a phenomenal person, scholar and coach! She is a leader in the field on student voice and youth leadership which she applies easily to her work in coaching. She has many tools to help people succeed in negotiating tenure or any complicated part of life. On top of that, she is dependable, fun, and wicked smart!

Stephanie S., Bloomington, In

Dana's guidance has always led me in the right direction whether it be a personally or professionally. Dana has the ability to discern the heart of the issue. Her keen insight has led her to ask the tough questions that have helped me develop...I see how strategic Dana was when pushing me or retreating when I needed to work out an issue independently. This thoughtful and responsive support allowed me to grow as a person, scholar and teacher.  

Kristina B., Atlanta

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