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I offer coaching and breathwork.

I coach on navigating the unspoken rules of the workplace, productivity strategies and deepening purpose and balance in careers. My coaching builds out of 20 years of offering writing and professional development courses and workshops on leadership, change making and the technical skills of how to write and message one’s work effectively. I am certified as an Associate Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation.  I hold a Stanford University Ph. D. focused on leadership and organizations. I am a professor of Education Theory and policy at Penn State University. I received my coaching training from the Coaches Training Institute–the gold standard in coaching.

I guide breathwork to help clients release stuck pain–emotional and physical. Breathwork clears mind and body blockages. It releases pain and deepens access to intuitive knowing. Rest your body and reset with a guided breathing sequence. I am certified in Breathwork by David Elliott’s Healing Institute


I offer  leadership coaching for clients in career transition–who need help getting from where they are to where they need to be. I teach clients how to deepen their purpose. I help clients to restore balance. I work one-on-one, with group and organizations, and through workshops and speaking opportunities to spark transformation.

I offer faculty coaching for tenure-track academics struggling with tenure and promotion and considering career changes. I also coach clients on improving the quality of their writing and to improve productivity of published work.

I offer writing coaching to work on improving the quality and fluency of their writing and to improve clarity and message of their work. I work with clients on a range of projects, from diving into a piece of writing to helping get it out the door. For some clients, it involves working simultaneously on a document, line by line. For others it involves thinking about the creative process of design and productivity

I offer career coaching to improve the technical aspects of job hunting, from resume and cover letter preparation to interview practice. Along the way, she focuses on identifying the unspoken rules of the workplace and making conscious decisions of how to engage with these rules.

An author of five books and over 30 articles, I have spent my career speaking, writing, and coaching about how we can tap into our inner wisdom, deepen our purpose, and amplify our voice. I work with individual and corporate clients in purpose and by phone to get unstuck and to explode purpose, passion and productivity.

Previous honors include participating in two White House Education Conferences and serving as a Fulbright Nehru Scholar in Bangalore India. I have given addresses and workshops around the world including Learning and The Brain (Boston), Central Pennsylvania’s Women’s Entrepreneurial Expo,  Baltimore Society of Friends Women’s Yearly Conference, Pendle Hill Retreat Center (Philadelphia), the International Seminar on Amplifying Voice (Cambridge, England), Learner Voice Conference (Dublin, Ireland), and Look Who’s Talking (Glasgow, Scotland).

Let’s get started.

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