Dana Mitra brings evidence-based practice to coaching. She holds a Stanford University Ph.D. focused on leadership and organizations. She is a professor of Education Theory and policy at Penn State University, a member of the International Coaching Federation, and received her coaching training from the Coaches Training Institute–the gold standard in coaching.



An author of four books and over 30 articles, she has spent her career speaking, writing, and coaching about how we can tap into our inner wisdom, deepen our purpose, and amplify our voice. She works with individual and corporate clients in purpose and by phone to get unstuck and to explode purpose, passion and productivity.

‘Previous honors include participating in two White House Education Conferences and serving as a Fulbright Nehru Scholar in Bangalore India. She has given addresses and workshops around the world including Learning and The Brain (Boston), Central Pennsylvania’s Women’s Entrepreneurial Expo,  Baltimore Society of Friends Women’s Yearly Conference, Pendle Hill Retreat Center (Philadelphia), and the International Seminar on Amplifying Voice (Cambridge, England), Learner Voice Conference (Dublin, Ireland), and Look Who’s Talking (Glasgow, Scotland).