Dana’s coaching principles focus on guiding to find their purpose, tap into their values and use inner wisdom to find their path. Some are stuck. Some know they are ready for a change but need scaffolding to get there. Either way, my job as a coach is to help you transform from where you are to where you want to be.

Diana came to me knowing that she wanted to quit her job as a project manager of a non-profit focused on homelessness, but did not have a sense of what she wanted to do with her life instead. She had always had a passion for homelessness issues, but could not understand why she was miserable in her current job. In fact, she was finally compelled to find a coach after attending a weekend retreat  in which a walk in the woods caused her to repeat endlessly in her head, “I hate my job.” 

Diana was baffled by this message, since she had  a passion for homelessness issues since college. Using her mind to logically think through her career was getting her stuck since she had always loved working on homelessness issues.   Her inner critic to flare.

Using visualization and journaling assignments, Diana and I worked over the course of several sessions to help her to clarify her identity as a public speaker. Her current job focused on event planning and she had lost the opportunity to share her voice through speaking engagements. She decided she wanted to stay in the field. She wanted to stay in her current field but was either going to find a way to shift her current job responsibilities to include time for more speaking engagements or she was going to look for other positions in which she could have a greater amount of her time fitting with her passion for connecting with others through public forums.